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Wait 'Til I Finish My Row!

Belfast Knitting Group

7/18/07 08:21 am - ropeadope_ie - Competition

Due to a non-working internet connection over the weekend and this week, I haven't been able to check for finished photos of competition pieces. 

I've decided to allow an extension of 2 weeks to get those Beach themed items done so I would like finished photos emailed to me no later  than 4 August 2007. its a bit over 2 weeks because I'm being generous.

If you are participating can you let me kow so that I know I'm not talking to myself.

6/20/07 09:22 am - aislinns - Finally

It looks like I'm going to make it to SnB today.
I'll be the confused looking blonde arriving late, and threatening the staff with yarn until I get some COFFEEEEEE!


See you there!

6/18/07 12:42 pm - ropeadope_ie - Day Out???

I had a thought about a Knitting/Sewing day out to the Folk and Transport Museum.

They're having a Craft & Skills day on 8 September 2007.

Activities to include:  Lace Work
                                     Woodturning (who knows what this might be)
                                     Basket Making.

We missed the Knitting day last week... From Sheep to Jumper, including shearing, spinning, dying, knitting etc, so i thought maybe this might also be interesting, especially to those who wouldn't mind learning to spin.

Any takers?????

6/15/07 09:31 am - ropeadope_ie - Today's the day!!!!

Yes kids, today's the day that the first competition theme is announced.

Please bear in mind that I would like the photos emailed to ropeadope_ie@yahoo.com by the 17th July at the latest.
Entitle your piece, include any other info you like and thats how it'll be posted.

So, without any further ado, the first theme (despite the crappy weather) is THE BEACH

6/13/07 09:35 am - ropeadope_ie - random SnB pictures


 Hopefulyl get more today although I think my battery is about to give up the ghost and conk out. I'll have to see what I can snap in the meantime.

6/12/07 09:14 pm - ropeadope_ie

Stitch n Bitch, usual time, usual place

6/11/07 08:35 am - ropeadope_ie

I thought I'd post Finished objects in batches of 2 instead of randomly all over the show, so here I am.

Its nothing majorly exciting, just fingerless mitts for Thomas in Sirdar Demin (oh so soft and lovely) and Siobhan's top called 'Monica' from Kitty.com.  Her's was all DK baby knit stuff but once it goes round the in wash with a load of softener it'll be lovely!! Saying that, it's been done a couple of weeks and still hasn't made it to the wash, and the straps were modified slightly as in they were tied instead of sewn together. its so Siobhan can move the length of them as she grows up (the top is made for an age 10 and she's only 8)

My I can fairly waffle, lol. 

6/10/07 10:05 pm - ingerbil - Distress

I think it's pretty safe to say 2.25mm dpns snap easily - oh and trying to use sellotape to hash them back together doesn't quite cut it!

6/10/07 03:17 pm - ropeadope_ie - Competition post Please Read:

As mentioned in a previous post, I, at least I think it was me, had the idea for a competition.

Have talked the whole thing over with Nicky it has all be slightly rehashed.

1. A theme is posted and it is at the knitters disgression what they make as long as it relates somehow to the theme. It can be from one of their own patterns or a previously published somewhere pattern.

2. You will have one month to make the object.

3. Photos of the object will be emailed to whoever came up with the theme, for example the first competition pics will be emailed to me : ropeadope_ie@yahoo.com

4. The pics will be posted anonymously with the title of the piece

5. The pieces will be voted on and whoever wins gets a knitting related prize.
6.The winner then comes up with the next theme and prize so it all doesn't depend on one person.

May I state that the winner can create the themed object , have it put to the polls BUT NOT WIN. If the winner's object is top of the poll, the prize goes to the second palce winner.

The first competition theme will be announced on the 15th June 2007 and I would like to pics emailed to me by 17 July 2007 at the latest. 

The pics will then be posted and the voting commence. There will be a week for voting to take place and then winner will be announced the next day.

Any queries/problems etc, just let me know. Either leave me a comment or email me Ropeadope_ie@yahoo.com.


6/5/07 09:31 am - ropeadope_ie - reminder

Usual weekly reminder about the SnB tomorrow, 

Come one, Come all!!
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